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Hogs Haven Interviews Redskins GM Bruce Allen

The Redskins didn't really have the season that most of their fans wanted, although they did come pretty close to making the playoffs. As such, our Redskins writers have some tough questions they posed for Skins GM Bruce Allen. You can view that interview here. My favorite question was this one:

HH: The letter that was sent out to the Redskins fanbase last summer ahead of the preseason where the key phrase was "The Future Is Now" and that the team was really gearing up for a big run. While there were things in place that maybe could have backed that up, that was a big cause of angst we think because it seemed that in fact we were rebuilding and that we weren't built to win it immediately. Is that something that you would go back and do again?

Bruce: Well, Ken, let me first explain the phrase "The Future is Now" for you. When my father said that, it was something he had been telling the kids our entire life. That meant, "Take care of today. What you do today will determine what your future looks like. If you do everything you can to be the best you can in that day, your future will be brighter." And what we're trying to do today-actually today because we're cross-checking our player evaluations offense versus defense-is to make sure we're doing everything to improve our team. Our intensity and desire to win every single game will not change.