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Bluebird Banter Interviews Manager John Farrell

Tom Dakers over at our Toronto Blue Jays site Bluebird Banter had the opportunity to sit down for a quick chat with new Jays manager John Farrell.

Something I found interesting as an A's fan: 

The team last year, under Cito, wasn't terribly aggressive on the base paths. Are you going to change that?

Well, we've made some changes to the roster that will really help that, the acquisition of Rajai Davis. I think there are some guys on the rosters that are returning players that could be a little more aggressive on the base paths.  They are not going to be restricted in terms of ‘will they run' the green light will be given to them. Yes we want to instil a more aggressive attitude on the base paths. Overall to be a little more unpredictable with our ability to score runs, rather than being so reliant on the home run. It is a strength of ours, but I think there is other areas that we can shore up to make us a little more even in our approach to the offense.