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Embedding YouTube Videos In FanShots And FanPosts

Over the past couple of weeks, I've noticed an influx of emails to our Support inbox ( mentioning difficulty embedding YouTube videos in FanPosts and FanShots. This is happening because YouTube has switched their standard embed code to include iframes, which we currently strip out of FanPosts and FanShots. 

We are in the process of changing that process so that iframes are not stripped, but in the meantime, there is a workaround. Step-by-step screenshots using the awesome video here are posted after the jump.

It's important to note that this does not affect the URL import of videos into FanPosts. If you use that feature to import YouTube videos into FanPosts, you've likely not even noticed this issue.

First, as usual, click "Embed" beneath the video.


When the embed code opens inline, you'll notice iframes in the embed code. Be sure to check the "Use old embed code" checkbox.


Once you check the box, you'll notice the updated embed code is back to the classic <object> code. This will work in our editor.


This leaves us with a perfectly embedded video: