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Rob Neyer Joins SB Nation

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For many of those in the baseball blogosphere, Rob Neyer has been an inspiration for us. He was approaching fans in an intelligent fashion while maintaining a very obvious passion for the sport he covered. In many ways, he became one of the first baseball bloggers nearly two decades ago. So it's with great pride that I announce that Rob Neyer has officially joined SB Nation as our national baseball editor. He's already penned his first column for us and it's pitch perfect in capturing why he would join our band of merry bloggers.

I admired him from afar for a long time and was able to develop a personal relationship with Rob over the years. Rob was, in many ways, an inspiration for how I approached the quality bar when it came to putting the SB Nation network together. When I created Athletics Nation, I tried to emulate Rob and when I looked for writers to recruit to the network I looked for guys who were of a Neyer-mindset.

His work will be featured on and he will work to help solidify our baseball coverage from a national perspective. He'll work with our already excellent stable of writers from Jeff Sullivan to John Sickels to make sure that we have the best baseball coverage you'll find anywhere. He will be a fantastic addition to our great reputation that so many of our incredible baseball blogs have built for us and that our league manager Eric Simon has helped nurture. We still have the largest and strongest network of baseball blogs on the planet and this will only serve to enhance that fact.

We will have more to announce in regards to our baseball coverage in the future, but Neyer is a natural fit with our fan-centric quality writing that we created back in 2003 and remains as strong as ever today.

I'm simply thrilled that Rob has joined us and I'm giddy to think that this network has grown to a point where we can bring aboard an immense talent like Rob. Welcome to our family, Rob. We're very happy to have you.