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Baseball Annuals Have Arrived

Even though I'm clearly partial to reading all my information online, our baseball bloggers are giving me a good reason to actually pick up the good old paper copies these days. Many of them are releasing baseball annuals about their teams and I figured I would compile a handy list of all of those annuals for you, the SB Nation user, to review.

Here they are:

* The Amazin' Avenue Annual 2011 (in stores this week!)
Maple Street Rangers Annual (edited by Adam Morris)
Maple Street Braves Annual (edited by Martin Gandy)
Maple Street Phillies Annual (edited by Peter Baker)
Maple Street Cubs Annual (edited by Al Yellon)
Maple Street Tigers Annual (edited by Kurt Mensching)
Maple Street Twins Annual (with writing by Adam Peterson and Jon Marthaler)
* Maple Street Brewers Annual (with writing by Kyle Lobner)
Maple Street Cardinals Annual (with writing by Dan Moore)
Maple Street Yankees Annual (with writing by Ed Valentine)
Maple Street Reds Annual (with writing by Josh Shreve)
The Process Report 2011 (with writing by Steve Slowinski)
White Sox Outsider (with writing by Jim Margalus)
The Top Prospect Book (by John Sickels)
Top 50 Angels (by Halos Heaven editors)