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SB Nation Proudly Announces Baseball Nation

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It's opening day in baseball which is quite simply one of the best days of the year. It's a day that I once reached out and made an effort to make it a national holiday back when SB Nation was merely a year old.

But today is one of the best opening days ever because SB Nation has officially launched Baseball Nation at It's going to become a must-visit destination for every baseball fan. We've quite simply always been the leader of coverage in baseball on a team-by-team basis and now with Rob Neyer leading the coverage at Baseball Nation, we'll be the leader on a national level.

Baseball Nation will feature the following:

• Hot Corner - the latest news and featured posts from SB Nation's top writers and special guest contributors.
• Daily features - Prospect of the Day, Question of the Day, Stat of the Day.
• Fan contributions - direct input from the fan community, crowd sourcing for coverage direction.
• SB Nation original coverage on the news of the day.
• The best content from across the SB Nation network of team blogs and quick takes.
* And much more...

In addition to Rob Neyer, the Baseball Nation team will include:

• John Sickels, SB Nation expert on Minor League Baseball, rookies and prospects and writes his own blog at Minor League Ball.
• Jeff Sullivan, SB Nation baseball writer, founder of SB Nation's Mariners blog Lookout Landing
• Grant Brisbee, SB Nation baseball writer, who covers the World Champion Giants at McCovey Chronicles

Please take a look at the site, bookmark it, make it part of your regular routine. You'll find some division by division previews over there today. Go and tell us where you agree and disagree with Mr. Neyer. Me? I personally think the A's have a great shot at winning the AL West this year as I usually make my predictions based on pitching first and the A's, Angels and Phillies are probably the best rotations in all of baseball. But maybe that's just me.

It's opening day, people!