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SB Nation Bloggers Win Most Valuable Blogs Across the Country

Hosting blogging contests is a transparent link baiting move by many a Web site. I've been doing this since 2003 and have seen so many sites do just that and inevitably it works because it turns into a popularity contest. But there are times where you do just have to embrace it and enjoy the ride. The local CBS Web sites in many markets across the country have been dishing out most valuable blogger awards and SB Nation blogs have been cleaning up. 

Here are some of the blogs that have won awards in their local markets:

Washington - Japers' Rink
Chicago - Second City Hockey
St. Louis - Turf Show Times
Miami - Litter Box Cats
New York - Amazin' Avenue
Minnesota - Daily Norseman
Denver - Two winners in Mile High Report and Purple Row
Boston - CelticsBlog

Congratulations to all of our blogs who won and the hundreds that were nominated.