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Bleed Cubbie Blue Interviews Cubs Chairman Tom Ricketts

Our blogs have developed a great reputation for bringing you the very best of interviews. We give you in depth, Q&A interviews with high profile people tied to the teams and nothing is a better example of that than the recent series on Bleed Cubbie Blue interviewing Tom Ricketts. Here is part one, part two and part three.

They get into everything from bringing Theo Epstein over from Boston to Carlos Zambrano. I'll just point out this from the interview:

TR: I forget the exact words I used on that television broadcast. The fact is we were very disappointed in his behavior and it wasn’t the first time we’ve been disappointed in his behavior, so at the time, it was just a matter of, well, it’s just really hard to imagine he’s really coming back in the near future. But it’s really Theo’s decision. I think that Carlos wants to be a Cub and he wants to do what’s right. We’ll leave it up to the baseball guys to manage it from there.