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Bloody Elbow Sits Down With Joe Rogan And Mr And Mrs Anthony Bourdain

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Photo courtesy of Ottavia Bourdain.
Photo courtesy of Ottavia Bourdain.

Bloody Elbow's Steph Daniels has scored a couple of epic celebrity interviews recently. She sat down with UFC announcer Joe Rogan for a three part discussion (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) that dove in-depth into the most contentious issues affecting the sport today including corrupt/incompetent judging, steroids, MMA vs. boxing and more. Here is a highlight.

On what to do about incompetent judges:

Joe Rogan: I think they should fire judges that suck. I don't understand how someone can keep their job over and over again while screwing up over and over. What do you call that exactly? Extreme incompetence. How does someone judge any sort of combat sport without at least a passing interest in the sport? If you pulled aside, and I don't want to name any names, but if you pulled aside some of those judges from the Nevada State Athletic Commission, that has notoriously had horrific scoring, and started asking them about fighters that aren't fighting in the UFC, would they know anything about them? ...

Do these guys know how you set up an armbar? If I sat them down and said, 'Do an armbar on this guy', would they be able to do that? I think you've got to know when a guy's in trouble and when a guy's not in trouble, and the only way to know that, is to have actually trained. I don't think you can be a person who judges martial arts without being an expert in martial arts.

Steph also interviewed celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain and his wife Ottavia who is a competitive grappler (Part 1, Part 2). Here's a "taste" after the jump...

Ottavia is a competitive grappler who is constantly training. Naturally the constant work outs have impacted her appetite:

Interviewer to Ottavia: The last time we spoke to you, you mentioned that you eat large quantities due to a high metabolism. How much do you eat?

Anthony Bourdain: It's quite terrifying actually.

Ottavia Bourdain: I eat tons of ham, coldcuts, cheese...I basically eat constantly.

Anthony Bourdain: It's like a wolf's lair. I'm just constantly throwing meat in her direction.

Ottavia Bourdain: People that don't know me that go out to dinner with us for the first time are horrified.

Anthony Bourdain: We go to Japanese restaurants and ordering yakitori, and we're ordering these things on skewers like 16 at a time. They're doing double takes, especially when she says, 'The chicken hearts were good, I'll have 12 more.' There's this look of mute horror, and this expression that polite Japanese get when they're trying to conceal their shock and disgust at what's happening. It's a lot of fun [laughs].

Ottavia Bourdain: I always get checked out and make sure my cholesterol is fine and my blood sugar is ok. That's always really low. My blood pressure is also super low, so I haven't encountered any problems with my crazy diet. I wouldn't advise it to anybody else, but it works for me.

Interviewer to Ottavia Bourdain: Do you eat vegetables at all?

Anthony Bourdain: I've heard rumors that there might have been one in the house. She goes on these weird benders where it's like tuna every day, and then the tuna disappears, and suddenly she's on a cauliflower jag, with these big, nasty bags of frozen cauliflower. I try not to pay attention, because I figure by the time I figure it out, she'll be on to something else.

Ottavia Bourdain: Then it was brussel sprouts with bacon every day for weeks.

Anthony Bourdain: Now she's on an egg jag. An hour before we go to dinner, she'll be cooking eggs.