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When does a blog become a beer? When Casual Hoya gets involved!

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Seriously, this may be the greatest thing ever. Or at least a close second.

There are many ways to consume a blog. You got your conventional PC, your super-duper-smartphone, your tablet; maybe you prefer watching a video or listening to a podcast. My friends, that is so 2012. Those methods pale in comparison to the new revolution. The only way any self-respecting sports fan will consume a blog in 2013 is by drinking it as an ice cold brewski. At least they will if SB Nation's Georgetown blog, Casual Hoya, has its way.

Mark Girard, a member of the community over there, has created what we believe is the first blog-based beer (statement based on absolutely zero research on my part). SB Nation communities have done some amazing things before; they've broken important stories, they've banded together to support charities, they've helped each other through trying times - all noble causes. But creating their own beer? C'mon, you have to agree that tops them all.

So check out Casual Hoya, an unbelievably great community in the SB Nation network, and don't miss the tale of how CasuALE came into being. It's not just a beer, it's an award-winning beer! Lagunitas Brewing Company recognized the quality of CasuALE in a competition, awarding it top prize. Now, the creator of CasuALE has helped concoct a special brew called Lagunitas Fusion 11 that will be debuting locally in Washington, DC.

Congrats Mark Girard and Casual Hoya, we salute you, and we're now going to crack open a cold one in your honor.