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WANTED! Beta Testers for SB Nation

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SB Nation is launching a program that will allow us to incorporate more input in the product design and development process.

UPDATE: Due to tremendous response for this program, we are closing the application process. Thank you to all who signed up. You will be hearing from us in the coming weeks.

We are looking for regular readers, commenters as well as site editors, moderators, and authors to sign up for our Beta Tester Program. As a member of the program you will be asked at various times to provide feedback and input that will help us build a better user experience. We are looking for a wide variety of folks with a diverse background, device usage, and relationship with SB Nation.

Volunteers for this program might participate in anything from trouble-shooting tricky problems, to beta testing new features, to providing input on design options.

If you have questions, leave them in the comments below.

Participation in the SB Nation Beta Testing Program will be subject to the Beta Testing Program Agreement [link].