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SB Nation Featured Blogs: October 21, 2013

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Over the Monster, Coug Center, Stride Nation and Canal Street Chronicles are so many levels of awesome that you must see what they've done over the last two weeks.

Hey there, nice work!
Hey there, nice work!
Teaukura Moetaua

SB Nation has always been about quality. Since day one, quality was the foundation upon which all other sites sprung. We've maintained that commitment to quality over the past decade. Below are four sites that have done it exceptionally well over the last two weeks and deserve your praise.

Without further ado, here are the featured blogs for October 21, 2013:

Dave Cariello and his crew at our Saints site Canal Street Chronicles did an excellent job covering the biggest play of the week in Week 6. The Saints lost to the Patriots on a Tom Brady TD pass with just seconds left in the game, stunning the Saints and their fans. After the game ended, Dave noticed that there was a missed holding call on the final TD pass from Tom Brady. Shortly after the game, Dave identified the hold and used video and a picture to demonstrate that the referees missed the call. CSC contributor JR Ella also did a great covering that play from all angles, including the fact that the Patriots had ran the same play earlier in the game. Great job by Dave and the CSC team for breaking down the biggest play in the Saints season (so far) in so many ways.

In addition to routinely carrying the flag for SB Nation College from a traffic stand point, few sites do more things the right way than SBN's Washington State site, CougCenter. From football previews to basketball analytics and just about everything in between, the standard bearers for having their school flag seen on GameDay's SBN representatives are a constant reminder of excellent amongst our College Sports ranks as well. As if their outstanding coverage of all things Washington State sports wasn't enough, they helped raise more than $10,000 for the Walk For Wishes, supporting the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Whether you want the best, most comprehensive Washington State coverage anywhere, want a laugh, or want to help make a difference in the Pacific Northwest, CougCenter is a must visit for Washington State, Pac-12, and general college sports fans alike.

SB Nation doesn't just cover teams. We cover everything people are passionate about in the sports world. How about some running news for you? We had a lot of coverage of the 2013 Ironman World Championship at our running site Stride Nation this week, including Hines Ward's results, an exclusive interview with a triathlete that finished his 100th (!) Ironman, and a video of people running in their underpants. But what the site did best was a look at the 12 best examples of the "spirit of triathlon". And just for good measure, Stride Nation made its longform debut with Internet friend Denny Mayo, who wrote about his time at the Big Sur Marathon, and how that race changed the soon-to-be father forever.

Just as the Red Sox dominated much of the season and are now dominating in the postseason, Over the Monster consistently kicks ass by delivering some of the best baseball content anywhere. Whether it's an ode to "October's brutal, relentless pursuit" or celebrating an instantly-iconic moment like the David Ortiz grand slam from every angle possible, Marc Normandin, Ben Buchanan, and the rest of the OTM crew have created a must-visit-daily site for Red Sox fans and non-Red Sox fans alike.

And that's your featured four for the next two weeks. The Red Sox not only could be in a World Series but they also have a featured blog too. Some cities have all the talent.