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SB Nation Featured Blogs: October 7, 2013

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At SB Nation, we're all about celebrating greatness. No one has done it better than these blogs over the past two weeks. All hail them.

Hey, kid, that's some nice work right there.
Hey, kid, that's some nice work right there.
Scott Halleran

Every two weeks we pause for a moment in this crazy fast Internet world to celebrate the greatness that four blogs have been doing in the SB Nation network. The following four blogs have been ideal blogging sites over the past two weeks and you should tell them so.

Without further ado, here are your featured blogs for the week: Raptors HQ, Bucs Nation, Bad Left Hook and UW Dawg Pound.

Anytime a team and their starting QB break up, it's going to get ugly. That was the case in Tampa Bay as the Bucs and Josh Freeman went through a soap opera over the past few weeks. Sander over at Bucs Nation chronicled every step, both big and small, which culminated in the release of Freeman. This was a HUGE deal in the Bucs community and Sander did an excellent job keeping tabs on every development. What I liked was that he included his community (and SB Nation studios) in the discussion, polling his readers on the future of their head coach Greg Schiano with surprising results. Even though we cover our teams, we're still fans of them, so congrats to Sander for successfully wading through such an ordeal.

Since a for-all-intents-and-purposes reboot in early August, UW Dawg Pound, SB Nation's University of Washington site, has been a blog on a mission. Behind the leadership of Chris Landon, Anthony Cassino, Kirk DeGrasse, Ben Knibbe and a strong overall depth chart, UWDP has been amongst our standard bearers for SB Nation's Pac-12 team sites as the program they cover itself has made showed signs of making "the leap" as well. Washington (and general college football) fans are beginning to take notice: UW Dawg Pound is the place to go pre and post game alike for all things Washington Huskies.

Not only does our boxing blog Bad Left Hook come through for the mega-epic-super-wonder fights like Mayweather vs. Canelo, they also provide hardcore boxing fans with coverage and commentary on the fights the rest of us ignore.

For an example of Scott Christ at his best, check out this op-ed on Wladimir Klitschko and where he stands on the all-time lists.

All of SB Nation's NBA sites are excited for the return of professional basketball. We've jumped right back into the start of the season with excellent coverage of various media days and training camps held around the association. Our Toronto Raptors site Raptors HQ once again starts off their campaign with fantastic mix of analysis complemented by a series of exclusive video interviews with Toronto players which can all be found in one handy place.

Congratulations to the four featured sites on some incredible work. We're so proud to have you as a part of family.