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SB Nation Video: It's Not Just All Reading & Words At SB Nation

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As much as we love storytelling in print form, we also love to make moving pictures.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

SB Nation started out as fan-based communities built around the love of a sports team. The medium that made it work initially was the written word. Today both strong, fan-based communities, and the written word, are very important to SB Nation's DNA. But we would be remiss to ignore another great medium for the Internet, and for sports in general, and that's video.

SB Nation over the last couple of years has been building up its video presence on the web. This has included investing resources into a video team, and that was a wise move. The SB Nation video team turns out high-quality segments on interesting and topical stories on a regular basis. And they cover a wide range of sports subjects.

Need help in your fantasy football league? Want to see who will win in college football before the games are played? Or maybe you just need a general rant about sports, or know who was the big winner in sports on a given day. You can get all that and much more through SB Nation videos.

So just a reminder, check out some sports videos today and put SB Nation video into your regular routine.

SB Nation on YouTube.

SB Nation Video. (Includes original videos and discussion of sports videos from around the world.)