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On The Forecheck: Food Just In Time For Thanksgiving

Nice work by our Nashville Predators blog for the holiday season.

Tom Pennington

Thanksgiving is just a day away, and that makes most people think about family, feasts and football. It's something we all love about this holiday, time spent with loved ones and gorging ourselves on turkey, stuffing, all of the regular fixings and maybe some pie for desert.

Unfortunately, there are some families that just don't have enough to eat. In Tennessee, an organization called Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee works to feed those in need. By their own statistics, one in four children struggle with hunger and they are determined to do something about it. Our Nashville Predators hockey blog, On The Forecheck, has teamed up with the charity to organize a Virtual Food Drive, and they set a goal of $1,000 donated for their blog community.

We're happy to announce that they made and surpassed that goal, donating $1,112 to the food bank and making a few people's holiday season a little brighter. Thanks On The Forecheck, thanks for representing SB Nation and helping out at this time of year.

You can donate too,just follow this link.