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SB Nation Featured Blogs: November 4, 2013

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Pinstripe Alley, Pounding the Rock, SB Nation College Hockey and Corn Nation are the best of the best this first week in November.

Hey, these blogs killed it. Congrats!
Hey, these blogs killed it. Congrats!
Chung Sung-Jun

Welcome to November! 2013 is winding down quickly and our blogs have been doing an outstanding job of coverage as the football season hits its halfway point, baseball's postseason comes to a close, college football approaches its conclusion and basketball just gets started. Below are the four best blogs this week, highlighted for the outstanding work.

Corn Nation's a statesman for SB Nation's college league, and a staple in the Nebraska publication scene alike. Led by Jon Johnston, CN doesn't shy away from dealing with topics that may be contentious amongst their audience, and tackle a wide array of Cornhuskers athletics, including non-revenue sports. To really add to their breadth of coverage, they've got just about unquestionably the best original photographer contributing to SB Nation on the regular. Whether you want to debate about how Big Red can get back to the upper echelon of college football or just take in some #Nebrasketball with fellows Cornhuskers fans, there's no place better to do it than Corn Nation.

We recently rebranded Western College Hockey Blog to SBN College Hockey, complete with a pretty new logo and a national focus. Chris Dilks, Jeff Cox and the team have done a great job carving out a big audience, quickly joining other well-established mainstays as go-to voices covering NCAA hockey. They've taken the reins on recruiting coverage and have broken some stories in that department, they're mixing in live game coverage and generally just doing a great job filling a void that desperately needs solid coverage. The results are of the effort are there, too: The site has grown some ~300 percent this year.

Despite (or perhaps because of) not having a team in the playoffs for only the second time in two decades, our Yankees site Pinstripe Alley consistently finds a way to deliver the very best baseball content day-in and day-out.

Instead of hanging their heads about the playoffs, Managing Editor Tanya Bondurant and crew created a coping guide for Yankees fans, remembered the good (and bad) times with A-Rod and just to spite every other fanbase on the planet, they put together a two-part appreciation of the Yankees twenty-seven World Series titles (part 1 | part 2). Even if you're not a Yankees fan, Pinstripe Alley has some of the best baseball content anywhere.

Pounding the Rock has it all. They cover the San Antonio Spurs with passion, conviction and strong fundamentals emblematic of their team's philosophy. Site manager Dale Dye has assembled a large team of writers who all have specific roles geared towards their passions and talents. The result: Great content for Spurs fans!

That's it for these two weeks. See you back here on November 18.