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SB Nation Longform: Winning Awards For 'Best Of' 2013

An early Christmas present for SB Nation as an article penned by the longform division is awarded with a 'Best Of' 2013 designation.

David Rogers

Earlier this year, back on August 7th to be precise, Blog Huddle called out what we thought was one of the better articles we had read up to that point in the year. It was a longform piece about the life and death of race car driver Dick Trickle. We definitely wanted to congratulate author Jeremy Markovich for his excellent work, and extend our thanks to the team that helped make the article come to life. Those people included producer Chris Mottram, editor Glenn Stout and copy editor Kevin Fixler.

Now you don't have to take our word for it because that particular article was named one of the Top 5 Sports Longforms of 2013 by the writing program at the University of Pittsburgh, at their site celebrating longform articles - named appropriately enough, SB Nation shared the honors with other sports sites like ESPN and Deadspin.

So once again, congratulations to the authors, editors, and the layout and graphics teams over at the SB Nation longform division.