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SB Nation Featured Blogs: December 2, 2013

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Pride of Detroit, Testudo Times, Sounder at Heart and Blog a Bull make the grade of excellence this week.

Here's a big shout out for the featured blogs.
Here's a big shout out for the featured blogs.
Bob Levey

As 2013 winds down, our blogs are getting better and better and I have the blogs to prove it. The following blogs are the ones who have excelled over the past few weeks and are showing teh awesome just for you, dear reader.

It's fitting that we recognize our Detroit Lions blog, Pride of Detroit, after Thanksgiving week because the Lions always play on Thanksgiving. Sean Yuille at Pride of Detroit is one of those guys who does everything the right way. He uses the tools on Chorus properly, interacts with his fellow bloggers, incorporates video well and regularly uses Next Clicks. He just understands how to run a good blog in all aspects. On top of all that, he knows the Lions well, which serves the POD readers. The Lions are in first place in the division so we'll get an opportunity to showcase Sean's work more often as the season goes on.

Testudo Times is a perennial high performer around the SB Nation College Network, and once again they have the hardware to match their reach. For the second time, SBN's hub for all things Maryland Terrapins was honored by the Baltimore Sun with a Mobbie for Best College/Amateur Sports Blog. Co-managers Pete Volk and Dave Tucker have all the Maryland football, basketball, and non-revenue Terps sports coverage you could possibly handle. If you want the best UMD digital watercooler on the internet, Testudo Times is the place for you.

Blog A Bull is one of the original members of the NBA blogosphere with almost a decade covering Chicago's NBA scene and they are still going strong with fantastic Bulls coverage and a vibrant community. That fan base has been put to the test over the last two seasons and is now dealing with another devastating injury to Derrick Rose. What else do you do when you lose your star in the year when several potential franchise players are slated to enter the draft? You start talking about tanking.

Over the course of the past few years, our Seattle Sounders site Sounder at Heart has been steadily growing into a real power. No longer content to be one of the best soccer blogs out there, it's now been officially named the "Best Sports Blog in Western Washington" by voters of a local TV station. They've done it by following all sorts of good practices, but by also maintaining an active community and being the go-to spot for in-depth analysis of the Seattle Sounders. Great work.

That's it. The next time we talk it will be right before Christmas so enjoy the next few weeks and congratulations to the featured blogs.