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MLB Daily Dish: Heating Up The Hot Stove With Breaking News

Baseball fans that are not reading MLB Daily Dish are simply behind the times. SB Nation's all-things-baseball site has broken two big stories in the past week.

Harry How

Rumors and more rumors, that's what you get when discussing Major League Baseball during the hot stove league. Free agency is in full swing in MLB and that always brings a pile of information about trades and signings. As an avid baseball fan, what you really need is a site that can wade through all the incoming data and let you know what parts of it are actually true. You need the breaking news and you need it to be correct. Enter MLB Daily Dish.

Sure, they have regular analysis and commentary that is second to none, but this past week they broke two big stories. First they let everyone know that the Twins had landed free agent pitcher Ricky Nolasco. Writer Chris Cotillo worked his sources and was able to get a confirmation and posted it to Twitter. Not content with one scoop, just days later Cotillo confirmed the trade involving Tigers' pitcher Doug Fister to the Nationals.

MLB Daily Dish is required reading for any knowledgeable baseball fan. This past week just proved how good they are. Congrats to the whole team over there and especially Chris Cotillo.