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McCovey Chronicles: We Need A Marco Scutaro Rain Globe!

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It was an indelible image symbolizing a championship season, but just the visual wasn't enough. One community, McCovey Chronicles, needed something tangible... and they're getting it.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

As the San Francisco Giants wound their way to a World Series championship last year, one image seemed to stick with the fans. After the Giants clinched the NLCS to move on to the World Series, one player looked to the heavens into a falling rain and did his best Shawshank Redemption moment. Marco Scutaro was that player.

Now, thanks to McCovey Chronicles, that image will live on in 3-D form. Giants fans will be one "shake" away from re-living the moment over and over. We present to you - the Marco Scutaro Shawshank Redemption Rain Globe.

Okay, let's back up and check out the image.


That's where McCovey Chronicles got involved. Community member thirteenthirteen first brought up the idea of creating a rain globe to commemorate the moment. Think snow globe, but with rain. McCovey Chronicles editor Grant Brisbee took up the challenge, and wrote a post asking the Giants marketing department to get on the case.

Brisbee even included his own mock-up of how it should look.


From there, the community took over an inundated the Giants organization with requests that they make the keepsake. Fast forward to today - it's going to happen.

Here's what Brisbee told me:

(McCovey Chronicles) user thirteenthirteen came up with the idea, and posted in the comments that she sent an e-mail but never heard back. I asked her if I could appropriate the idea and be a champion for its noble cause, then I wrote the post. The Giants' special-events staff said they were besieged by e-mails directing them to the post. The Giants' marketing dept. got me on the phone and explained that they were going to do it as a special giveaway. A date is almost set, I think it's between "tentative" and "announced", so pretty good to go.

The Giants give things away for special events to fans who buy a special ticket package. For "Grateful Dead Night", for example, you could buy a special package and get a Jerry Garcia bobblehead that wasn't given away at the door. They're going to give the Scutaro globe away at some variation of "Social Media Night", which is like a tweetup of sorts. There might be some sort of panel about the INTERNET that I might be on, but that's up in the air. The idea is to make a video commercial to tell the story of the globe, and how it relates to social media. An Internet user comes up with an idea, a blogger writes about it, tweeters tweet about it and Facebookers facebook about it, and suddenly it's something the Giants feel they have to do. The ostensible plan is to invite thirteenthirteen and me to the offices to check out the prototypes, and they're going to film it and make a promotional video out of it.

There you go. An idea from one member of an SB Nation community has turned into a special giveaway at a major league ballpark. That is the power of a great community and SB Nation blogs.

Congrats thirteenthirteen, McCovey Chronicles and Giants fans everywhere.