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Viva El Birdos: Clocking Cash For Charity

Most sports fans can hardly be bothered to get off the couch unless it's for another beer and more chips. Not so with the crew at Viva El Birdos, they'll run 6k, and they'll do it for charity.

SB Nation has some of the best communities on the Internet. They'll talk all day about every little detail when it concerns their teams. The combination of passion and intelligence is one of the aspects we're most proud of, and one we continue to cultivate. But the communities at SB Nation aren't all about sports. They've been known to get involved in all kinds of things, and charities are certainly one of them.

The St. Louis Cardinals charity arm, Cardinals Care, supports over 200 non-profit, youth-oriented organizations covering a range of activities. One of the charity fundraisers they put on is a 6k run. The fine folks over atViva El Birdos heard about it and decided to put together a team of runners and solicit donations from the community. They created t-shirts for the runners and recounted their adventures in a post that can be found here.

They also took some pics of the event:



Not only did they have a great time, but the team they put together won the team competition for raising the most money - over $6,400!

Now, they plan to do it again this year.

That's a community with heart, and legs - 6k ain't no easy thing!

Congrats to Viva El Birdos and their excellent community. And good luck this year.