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Podium Cafe: Fantasy Cycling? You Bet!

Most sports fans know about fantasy leagues in football, basketball, baseball, hockey and the like. But have you ever thought about fantasy cycling? Podium Cafe has, so they created their own game.

Morne de Klerk

Fantasy sports are a huge business (and a huge drain on employee productivity). Most sports fans have jumped into a fantasy league or two in their day. Generally speaking, we think about fantasy leagues with the big team sports. Podium Cafe thought it was about time cycling fans had a league of their own. Not familiar with fantasy cycling? No problem.

First off, Podium Cafe thinks the moniker "fantasy league" is kind of creepy, so they named their game The FSA Directeur Sportif. Leave it to they cycling crew to come up with something offbeat. Anyway, not only did they design their own game, they got a sponsor - Full Speed Ahead. Thus the FSA portion of the name.

How does it work? Glad you asked. From Podium Cafe:

The FSA Directeur Sportif is our yearlong cycling game reminiscent of fantasy sports, without the creepy name. You assemble riders onto your team, then follow them throughout the season as they accumulate points for your team... You have a budget of points to spend in assembling your roster. In doing so you don't have to spend all 150 points but you must fill the entire roster. Once you assemble your team, the work is over. There is no in-season swapping, no setting your lineup every day.

There are a few more rules and such, but that's the basic gist. There is still time to get in on the action for the 2013 season, but act fast, the deadline is February 22nd. Just go to Podium Cafe, create your free account, then head over to FSA and sign-up for a league. It's all free and if you come out on top at the end of the year you'll win prizes.

Happy cycling!