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SB Nation NFL: All Eyes On The Combine

It's the time of the year when the Underwear Olympics, otherwise known as the NFL Combine, takes over the thoughts of NFL fans everywhere. There's no better way to keep up with all the combine news than following the action at SB Nation NFL.


It's a ritual that grows in spectacle every year. What was once done quietly, beyond the view of the public, is now televised every day for almost a whole week. It's none other than the NFL Combine. A "job interview" for hundreds of college players looking to make the transition to the NFL, the combine is scrutinized down to the last detail. What was the fastest 40 time? Who did the most bench press reps? Just how heavy is that defensive lineman?

We all want to know, so SB Nation has gathered all that info into once convenient place - its NFL pages. Want to know how players performed in the skills tests? Check out the Combine Results Stream. Looking for more info on the other stories emerging from the combine? SB Nation has that covered, too. Check out the Combine Supergroup which aggregates all kinds of interesting stories from the Underwear Olympics.

The NFL combine continues on through Tuesday of this week, but SB Nation NFL will have news and analysis all through this week. In the future, there's no better resource for all your NFL news than SB Nation NFL.