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NFL Free Agency 2013: Follow The Action @ SB Nation

NFL free agency kicks off this afternoon. To follow all the action, stick with SB Nation.


The NFL free agent season started at 4 PM EST today. Teams will be throwing around wild amounts of money to grab players that someone else doesn't want. But if it's your team grabbing the new player, a change of scenery will be just the thing to push him to new heights. Yes, hope springs eternal with free agents.

To keep you up-to-date on all the action, here are several hotspots at SB Nation you should be following.

SB Nation's national football site is a good place to start. They cover all the ins-and-outs of the NFL on regular basis, and you can bet they'll be all over free agency.

During this period they'll have some specialty sites set up. Want to read all the free agency stories compiled in one place? Visit the Free Agency Group.

For rumors, transactions and other news, we have a Free Agency stream.

Of course we'll be tweeting, so follow the SB Nation NFL blogs here.

Check us out on You Tube, where we'll be posting videos on the big stories.

It's an exciting time for NFL teams, at least those with money to spend, so follow SB Nation to keep up on all the action.