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Vox Media: Awarded "Publisher Of The Year" Prize

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It's been a great week for SB Nation and parent company Vox Media. Two awards in one week. We are grateful.


Late last week, we posted about SB Nation being awarded an honor for Best Designed news site in 2012. You can read about that, here. On the heels of that announcement comes another one, this time from Digiday. Vox Media was judged as Publisher of the Year.

Vox Media won the Judges' Choice Publisher of the Year award from Digiday's Publishing Awards, which honor overall excellence and breakthrough achievement in digital publishing, branded content and advertising technology.

The judges distinguished Vox Media as the most innovative publisher this year, crediting CEO Jim Bankoff for the publisher's smart use of native advertising and overall methodical expertise in using SB Nation as a starting-off point for the Verge and Polygon, growing the business in a smart way.

We are truly humbled, the whole team at Vox Media would like to thank Digiday for their recognition.

A statement from Vox Media CEO Jim Bankoff:

"It's an incredibly exciting time for publishers, brand advertisers, but most of all, for consumers," Bankoff said. "Vox Media believes strongly that the web is a medium for the highest quality design, technology, journalism and storytelling. This award further validates that when done right, web editorial products and digital brand advertising can be engaging, substantive, beautiful and effective."

"We are incredibly proud of the progress that our amazing team has made, but we realize we are only just beginning. This recognition and being nominated among other top digital publishers like The Atlantic Media Group and Buzzfeed reinforces our belief that as a talent and technology driven media company, Vox Media is leading the way."

We'd also like to thank you, our readers. Without your support our business couldn't grow and we couldn't continue to innovate and bring killer content to the web. Thanks!