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Blog A Bull: Happy 10-Year Birthday

One of SB Nation's blogs turned 10 at the beginning of July. Congrats to Blog A Bull for a long and successful run!

Jonathan Daniel

Ten years and counting. That's a lifetime in blog years. Yes, believe it or not, blogs have been around in some form or another for over a decade, and boy how they've changed in that time. The reason we bring this up is to congratulate one of SB Nation's NBA blogs, Blog A Bull, covering the Chicago Bulls.

Just recently, Matt, or as he's known at Blog A Bull, your friendly BullsBlogger, realized that at the beginning of July it had been 10 years since he threw his hat in the ring and decided to preach to the masses about the comings and goings of the Chicago Bulls. If you want to see what a blog might have looked like back in the stone-age of blogging, check out this page where it all started. At that time it was known as just Bulls Blog. Simplicity at its finest.

That lasted for a couple of years until Bulls Blog was picked up by SB Nation and transformed into today's Blog A Bull.

So how is your firendly BullsBlogger feeling about being a senior citizen in blog years?

It's obviously been a huge change in the past decade to see where people and this 'industry' has gone, but I think that mindset still prevails. It's bigger and better with every season, and always exciting to see someone move up in this strange world and sad when they leave it.

I rarely think about leaving myself, though when I did I figured 10 years would've been a nice round number to do so. But then you get into the flow and these kind of 'blogiversaries' just pop up unexpectedly (thus this half-assed reflection!), you realize that's not a real reason to stop. It's instead reason to pat yourself on the back and remark on how great you are. Or at least how long you've been at it. It's sort of what this medium is all about: narcissism. And I suppose talking about the team and stuff.

Congratulations Blog A Bull on 10 years of quality blogging!