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Bolts From The Blue: Plan Ahead When Running A 5K

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Not everybody in life is a runner, some prefer a more leisurely walk, or even some good couch-sitting time. But if you are going to run, at least plan ahead.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY

We love when our communities at SB Nation get involved with charities. Our core mission is to bring you entertaining and insightful analysis concerning your favorite teams, but the fact that we also build online communities that can interact with the real world is an awesome bonus. So SB Nation sites are always getting involved with charities in their local cities.

That's exactly what Bolts From The Blue has done for the last three years. The San Diego Chargers sponsor a 5k run called "Bolt To The Q". This year's run had a worthy cause:

Proceeds will benefit Trish & Ryan Mathews Door of Hope Chest, a program that helps homeless moms & children get a new start in life! When the moms successfully graduate from a year-long program at The Salvation Army Door of Hope, the Trish & Ryan Mathews Door of Hope Chest provides them with basics for their new homes, such as bedding, towels, dishes & cookware.

Excellent, we can all get behind that. And for three years John Gennaro, managing editor at BFTB, has run the race. One problem, his finish times keep getting worse! And his preparation for the race is a travesty. Seriously John, eating sushi and drinking sake until 3 AM the night before is not the best training method. Not content to learn from his previous mistakes, this year's pre-race meal consisted of Carl's Jr. waffle fries and a creamsicle shake.

But hey, at least John has completed the run all three years. But not without difficulty:



This point right here, when you're heading into the tunnel and about to hit the field, is where I lost it in 2012. I was cranky. I could barely breathe. I was walking and some guy, standing on the sidelines, said "No walking! You're so close! Don't give up now!" I'd rather not relive my response to him. Let's just say that it wasn't nice or friendly. A few people around me may have audibly gasped.

Congrats, John (I think), and Bolts From The Blue for competing in the race and making a charitable contribution. Next year, consider using a scooter.