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Driver Of Car Offers Her Side Of The Story In Nick O'Leary Crash

Recently we offered up the video and accident report of the dramatic motorcycle crash involving FSU football player Nick O'Leary. Now, we hear from the driver of the car who was cited in the accident, she gives new details and a slightly different account from the official report.

Yesterday at Blog Huddle we posted a story about the crash involving FSU football player Nick O'Leary, grandson of Jack Nicklaus. SB Nation blog Tomahawk Nation had done some sleuthing to get the video and accident report,which made a splash all around the Internet and on TV. At the end of that article I asked author Bud Elliott about the driver of the car shown in the accident. At the time, he had only a couple of tweets about her, but nothing concrete.

Today, he has a lot more. After seeing the original article the driver of the Lexus contacted Bud which led to an exchange of emails that shed light on what happened, from her point of view. You can read the whole followup article at Tomahawk Nation.

An excerpt from her email:

Now, on this road in Tallahassee (Mission road) there's a curve and a small hill. I believe that when I looked left, mr. O' Leary was coming up that hill which is why he wasn't seen. He was speeding because if you look closely at the video you can see him try to apply his front brakes which causes the back wheel to rise a little. If he were to be going the posted speed limit, 30 mph, I believe the accident could have been avoided. I wasn't the only one who didn't see him coming, the bus driver even admits that "he came out of nowhere". Although I was cited, it was simply because he had the right of way because I was not fully established in the lane going east. But the insurance company stated that just because a person is cited doesn't mean that they are at fault. Both our insurances covered the costs of the accident and my insurance is currently in the process of getting a percentage of my deductible back from mr. O' leary's insurance company.

You should definitely hop on over to Tomahawk Nation to read all of her email conversation. And we have to say great job again to Bud Elliott, who is the undisputed master of this particular story!