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Camden Chat: One Baseball Fan's Cross-Country Ride For Charity

Jacob Landis is a long-time member of Camden Chat. He's also an avid biker. When he was 10 he had a medical condition treated with a special device. Now, he wants other patients to get the same treatment he did.

Here at Blog Huddle, we are suckers for a good story about doing charity work. When someone at one of our blog communities takes it upon themselves to give their time and effort to help others, and then the community gets involved, there's nothing better. That's what's happening at our Baltimore Orioles community, Camden Chat.

Jacob Landis has been a member of Camden Chat for years, but he hasn't been around much this summer. Instead, he's riding his bike around the country, visiting 30 ball parks to take in baseball games. He left his job in Maryland in April and will complete his journey Sept 24th in Miami. Why the heck is he doing all that?

When Jacob was young he started losing his hearing; he was going deaf. At age 10, he was able to get a Cochlear Implant that changed his life. He wants others to have the same opportunity, so he's turned that trip around the country on his bike into a fundraiser for the hearing-impaired and to raise awareness about the implant. To date, he's raised over $100,000.

We salute you Jacob, and thanks to Camden Chat for helping to publicize your efforts. Jacob is still raising money and is covering his adventure at his own website. So go over and check it out and give a donation if so inclined.