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Trei Brundrett: Magazine Cover Model!

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We couldn't pass by on this story, Trei Brundrett, the technology/product guru of SB Nation and all things Vox Media, is now adding a new title. Magazine Cover Model.

At Vox Media, and previous to that just SB Nation, many of us kind of grew up together, turning a little idea into a booming sports, technology and gaming content network. One of the major players along the way was Trei Brundrett. He is now the Chief Product Officer for Vox Media, but back then he was just Trei, a straight-shooter with a keen mind for building publishing platforms and hopelessly rooting for the Houston Astros.

Add another title to his business card, he's also a glamorous cover model. Just check out the latest issue of Folio Magazine, and there's Trei, in all his glory.


Looking good!

We are very proud of what Cover Model Trei has accomplished at Vox Media. The work he's put in, the late hours and long weekends, have paid off. Vox Media is one of the fastest growing modern media companies around. And I can tell you from first-hand experience, a lot of that credit goes to Trei and the unbelievable team has he put in place. They are simply the best when it comes to innovative technology and products, along with ease of use.

In addition to his cover model turn, Trei participated in a round table discussion about trends and development in media technology. It's an interesting take on where modern media is head. I urge you all to go over and give it a read. One of the best quotes from Trei: of the trends we're seeing is a very strong response to richer, immersive storytelling experiences, and the ability of the creators to understand and think about being much closer to what the end product is going to be. We're thinking about our systems in a way that allows our designers, developers, writers and videographers to work together to create that.

A hallmark of Vox Media sites is the storytelling combined with the ability for rich visual content, allowing authors and content creators to explore and utilize different elements to bring a story to life. Making that easy and efficient is no easy task, but Trei and his team have nailed it.

So congrats Cover Boy, you've done us proud!