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Simple Auth is now live across the SB Nation network

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We've simplified the sign up system at Vox Media.

For a while, we've offered plenty of third party authorization options on the SB Nation network: Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, Google+. While those are great ways to log in, we overcomplicated the process by then asking users to confirm their email address prior to commenting on the blogs. This defeated the purpose of the third party authorization system, which is designed for simplicity.

Fortunately, we've just released a great improvement to our login system, and it's called Simple Auth.

When new users go to sign up, they are given simple third party options and the ability to sign up for a traditional Vox Media account, all in a convenient modal instead of on a separate sign up page.


If a new user picks Twitter/Facebook/Google+/Yahoo, they will authenticate through those logins and then be prompted to pick an SB Nation username. The next step is to agree to the Community Guidelines, and then the user is free to comment (depending on each individual community's waiting periods). Simple.

Traditional SB Nation accounts will still need to confirm their email, but the process has been streamlined to improve user experience and lower the barrier of entry to all of our great SB Nation communities. Please feel free to ask questions in the comments section below, and please report all bugs you and your communities discover via