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Hogs Haven: Being A Blogger Can Help You Get Engaged

Covering a team for SB Nation has many benefits, but truthfully, we never saw this one coming.

Stephen Munday

There are plenty of reasons the writers for SB Nation do what they do, some of it is just pure love of sports or their team. But, apparently, there are some hidden benefits behind being an SB Nation writer. Over at the Washington Redskins site, Hogs Haven, Kevin Ewoldt exposed one benefit for all to see.

Kevin has been running Hogs Haven for years and years, and doing an excellent job of it. He's been over at Redskins Park many times, he's met plenty of sports stars including current and former Redskins. Plus, along the way, he's met some other "famous" people. So when he decided to propose to his girlfriend Lexie, there was only on way to go about it. Make a video and enlist the help of former Redskins like Lorenzo Alexander and Fred Smoot, plus some not-so-quite-A-list celebrities. Amazingly, all of these people agreed to help Kevin out and get him hitched. Check it out.

We hear she said yes, though we're still checking into that. I mean, this is Kevin Ewoldt we're talking about here. We kid! Congrats Kevin, and way to use your blogger-powers to get all these people to help you out.

Visit Hogs Haven for more scoop on the engagement.