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SB Nation: Lookit - This Happened In Sports Today

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Sometimes you want your sports stories long, involved and full of analysis. Sometimes you want your story quick and humorous. Lookit is just what you need for the latter.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

We've spent plenty of time talking about the Longfrom articles being produced at SB Nation. They are a throwback to the stories of yesteryear, narratives that take a long time to research and write, and visual packaging that goes way beyond the ordinary. We're definitely proud of that particular line of stories and as always invite you to take a look.

But we also want you to know about another area of SB Nation, maybe the polar opposite of the Longofrm. It's called Lookit and if you want a little chuckle throughout your day, or want to catch the latest sports meme before it ricochets around the web, then take a look at Lookit.

Every day, the funny, the unusual, the ridiculous from the sports world shows up on the pages of Lookit. Straight up, this isn't Pulitzer Prize stuff, this is the Theater of the Absurd populated by figures in the sports world on a daily basis. And believe us, there is more than enough material to keep it stocked.

Looking for babies drinking beers in a locker room celebration after the A's clinch a post-season birth? We got it.

Wanting to see Cardinals safety Rashad Johnson's mangled finger? We got it.

Need to see the Jacksonville Jaguars mascot dancing in a thong? Well, there's something wrong with you but we still got it!

Make "Lookit"part of your daily routine. We all need a little laughter.