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SB Nation: NHL Season Preview You Can't Miss!

It's time for hockey and SB Nation has got you covered.

Bruce Bennett

About a month ago SB Nation published an NFL preview that was like no other preview we had done. We spent a lot of time creating something that was chock full of content but that was also visually appealing and kind of ground-breaking in its navigation. Now, we're continuing on with that concept in our recently published NHL season preview.

If you're a fan of NHL hockey then this is a must-see. Even if you're just a casual sports fan, this season preview makes it easy to learn about everything that is going on for the upcoming hockey season.

Of course it comes with breakdowns of every team by writers who cover each team on a regular basis. This is the real scoop from writers who are fans and are as knowledgeable as anybody out there. In addition there are predictions for the playoffs and who will win individual awards. But we didn't stop there. There are some important rule changes for this season and they are explained. The league has undergone realignment so that is covered in detail.

And we didn't stop there. What to understand advanced stats for hockey? We got a tutorial on that. Wondering about the keys to fantasy success? Yes, we got that, too.

That just covers some of the content, but equally awesome is the layout, the navigation and the visual appeal. It's truly pushing the limits of web publishing. So if you're a hockey fan, you've got to check it out. If you're just a sports fan, check it out anyway, it's worth the time.

Congrats to all the team at SB Nation who had a hand in putting this together!