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SB Nation Featured Blogs: February, 2014

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This month's top blogs are Field Gulls, Mile High Report, Roker Report and Cageside Seats.

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Starting in 2014, SB Nation will be recognizing "Featured Blogs" on a monthly basis. This current group of four blogs are the first to get the monthly honors, look for a new group of blogs at the beginning of March, 2014. Thanks.

Field Gulls & Mile High Report

There is no way we could do the top blogs for this past month without recognizing Field Gulls and Mile High Report. Both were worthy of being called Super Bowl blogs. Field Gulls is known for their detailed Xs and Os breakdowns,many of which you can read here. Mile High Report has been at the Super Bowl all week long and their coverage has been highlighted by this hangout with Terrance "Pot Roast" Knighton. Mile High Reportworked with Knighton's camp for a few pieces this week, giving Broncos fans excellent access in the lead-up to the Super Bowl. Congrats to both of SB Nation's Super Bowl blogs.

Roker Report

You don't have to be a huge team to make waves in the soccer blogging world. Roker Report, under the stewardship of Michael Graham, had a monster January, covering every aspect of relegation-threatened Sunderland AFC. From their comprehensive coverage of the transfer market to regular, thoughtful features on the team's play, Roker Report is setting the gold standard for Premier League coverage.

Cageside Seats

It's a no-brainer to nominate Cageside Seats for featured blog. Not only did they have a record traffic month, but Geno and his crew showed that a sports entertainment blog can cover every aspect of its topic in a way that transcends "sports entertainment." If you care at all about the WWE, they have you covered from the on-camera drama to the business moves of a media powerhouse and the personal motivations of a frustrated star like CM Punk.