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SB Nation Featured Blogs: April, 2014

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A new month is coming so that means it is time to celebrate four blogs at SB Nation. Over the past month these blogs have shown a level of excellence that we think deserves some recognition.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODA

April Fool's Day is almost here, but this post in no joke! We have four blogs to discuss, four blogs that over the last month have been just about as good as a blog can be. So let's get right to it.

Die By The Blade covers one of the worst teams in modern NHL history, yet they're still trucking through with entertaining, insightful coverage of the Buffalo Sabres. They'll give you 10 reasons to keep watching their awful team,  they'll tell you just how long it's been since Ville Leino scored a goal, and well ... ok, simply having the strength to write a preview of Sabres vs. Flames this year is impressive. Andy and Co. are doing a great job growing their community despite a tough on-ice situation, and they're a model for a lot of SB Nation blogs in the process.

Dayton may have made the Elite Eight, but Mid-Major Madness has been busy putting up a championship effort in their covering of the NCAA and conference tournaments before it. Producing an unrivaled depth of content, MMM has been there for every step of the Flyers' once in a life time Cinderella run while also cataloguing all the great moments that remind us why we love March Madness in the first place. Manager Benjamin Miraski has an awesome team of contributors to supplement his own outstanding work. Whether the mid-majors have a place at a table or not, there's only one place to go to get all the information you could possibly need about them: Mid-Major Madness.

Dallas is one of those sports markets that gets overlooked if you don't happen to live in Dallas. Other than the Cowboys, who are coasting on decades-old success, the rest of the teams -- and notably in this case the Mavericks -- are easily forgotten in the daily noise of a busy sports season. But try telling that to our Mavs Moneyball crew who work seamlessly together to provide a broad range of coverage of their playoff-contending team. They cover the games, they think outside the box and they sure know how to crunch the numbers. Dirk Nowitzki is having a great season late in his career. Head over to Mavs Moneyball to keep up with the action.

Transitions can be tough, but The Blue Testament handled theirs with aplomb. After years of being called "The Daily Wiz", they changed their name partly because they wanted to cover the larger Kansas City soccer scene. A great example is their coverage of the now-folding MISL, which was one of the longest operating pro soccer leagues in the country. Thad Bell was one of the few journalists covering the dissolution and as a result were the go-to resource for many.

Congrats to all four of these blogs for their accomplishments. Way to rep SB Nation!