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Tomahawk Nation Breaks Another Big Story About FSU

Jameis Winston sure does love crab legs.

Stacy Revere

Tomahawk Nation is the place for fans of Florida State University sports. SB Nation's FSU blog is led by Bud Elliott who does a fantastic job of covering the everyday of FSU sports. But if a big story breaks out of Tallahassee, odds are Bud has a hand in it. Last summer, Bud and Tomahawk Nation blew up the internet when they posted the story, and the video, behind FSU football player Nick O'Leary's motorcycle crash. That was a spectacle to watch.

Now, Bud and Tomahawk Nation broke the story of QB Jameis Winston shoplifting some crab legs from the local Publix supermarket. Of course Winston has had run-ins with the law previously, the big one centered on him in a high-profile investigation into rape where no charges were filed for lack of evidence. He's also had other minor incidents that didn't lead to charges.

In this case, Winston wasn't arrested but was given a civil citation that states he must complete community service work. In addition, he was suspended from the FSU baseball team. While the incident seems minor and has spawned many tweets and comical gifs of Winston holding crab legs, eventually he needs to get past this type of behavior.

Congrats to Bud Elliott and Tomahawk Nation for breaking another story. Even though they're fans of FSU sports, they're also journalist and this is what journalists do - bring the truth to the public. Great job!