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Cyd Zeigler On 'Outside The Lines' - The Drafting Of Michael Sam

Will Michael Sam be drafted? That was the debate yesterday on ESPN's Outside The Lines.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday was the first day of the 2014 NFL draft. This draft may represent a landmark of sorts in the realm of society and sports. As was discussed on ESPN's show, Outside The Lines, this NFL draft presents the possibility of having the first openly gay athlete being drafted into the NFL. That player is Missouri linebacker Michael Sam, and over the next couple of days we'll find out if this will come to pass.

Michael Sam was a highly decorated player for the Mizzou Tigers, but his pro prospects aren't as clear. Sam came out as gay back in February of this year with the help of SB Nation's own blog Outsports and its editor Cyd Zeigler. Even though he was a star in college, some of his workout numbers at the combine and pro days have cast doubt as to where he will be drafted, or even if he will be drafted. Most observers believe it will be on Saturday if it happens, in rounds 4-7.

Cyd Zeigler feels sure that Sam will be drafted, and appeared on Outside The Lines to argue the case. Below is video of the Q&A with Cyd.

We'll find out if it happens over the next couple of days, but kudos to Zeigler for helping bring this very important story into the public view and for following it through to its logical conclusion which is the 2014 NFL draft. Cyd and his blog Outsports have documented so many stories of gay athletes and their coming out stories, along with the successes and failures in their particular sports. SB Nation is proud to be associated with Outsports, a blog that is doing incredible work in changing the future of sports.