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SB Nation Featured Blogs: June 2014

These blogs were the best of the best for month of May 2014 and you get to see why right here, right now.

A toast to you, featured blogs of May.
A toast to you, featured blogs of May.
Ed Zurga

May was a pretty awesome month for SB Nation. The NFL draft helps of course but that didn't stop a college lacrosse site, a baseball blog and one of our premier MMA sites from also excelling during early Spring. Without further ado, here are our featured blogs for the month of May.

May is usually one of the slowest months on the NFL calendar but with the NFL Draft moving back this year it became one of the busiest. The Texans had the No. 1 pick and our Texans blog Battle Red Blog was all over it. By the time the draft came it became clear the Texans were likely going to take Jadeveon Clowney so BRB went to work on their Clowney coverage, including the all-important nickname for what looks to be one of the best defensive lines in football. Luckily, they had been preparing for Clowney as the pick for a while so they were plenty familiar with him. Tim McHale, Brett Kollmann and the rest of the crew did a nice job breaking it all down.

If you love lacrosse and especially if you love to laugh, there's no better place to do both than SB Nation's College Crosse. 'Hoya Suxa', the clearly in no way Syracuse biased show runner of the whole operation, tackles all things NCAA lax and does so from a variety of approaches. Whether you need a crib sheet on the back-to-back NCAA champion Duke Blue Devils, or you want to read jokes about aristocrats' pajamas, they've got you covered. College Crosse isn't the only college lacrosse site out there, but it's definitely the most uniquely interesting one.

MMA blog Bloody Elbow's Brent Brookhouse did some investigative reporting into allegations of sexual impropriety on the part of a preacher featured in the new documentary Fight Church. Brent spoke to 5 alleged victims and 7 current or former church members as well as the pastor himself and the documentary filmmakers and....

Brent's reporting has led police to open an investigationThe story has also drawn coverage from dozens of sites around the net all of which cite Brent's original reporting.

While the Colorado Rockies get little national coverage, you'd never know it by reading Purple Row. Join Bryan and Jeff and the gang as they provide wall-to-wall coverage of the Rockies, whether it's with this outstanding look at their tough road ahead, this eye-popping question about whether the game is rigged against the club, or a fine appreciation of one of the best baseball players alive in Troy Tulowitzki.