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Elegy of a Race Car Driver writer on being selected for BASW 2014

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Jeremy Markovich shares his thanks after being selected for Best American Sports Writing 2014. Elegy of a Race Car Drive was one of two SB Nation Longforms selected, joining Flinder Boyd's 20 minutes at Rucker Park.

A couple years ago, someone gave me a strip from a fortune cookie. "You are a lover of words," it said, "someday you will write a book." I thought it was a nice sentiment to tape to the top of my computer monitor at work. I look at it when I get stuck, or when I don't feel like I'm good enough, or when I can't focus. It's been reassuring, but I've wondered if the second part of the sentence would ever come true.

Which brings me to something I've known for a while but haven't been able to share until now: My story, "Elegy of a Race Car Driver," has been selected to appear in Best American Sports Writing 2014, a book that'll be out in October. The table of contents is out now, and it's an amazing feeling to look at the other big names on the list and see my name among them. I feel kind of tingly.

I can't thank enough people here. Mike Graff, my editor at Charlotte magazine, for introducing me to the fine folks at SB Nation, who gave me the chance to tell this story. Glenn Stout, one of the best editors out there, took my hand and listened to me as I talked through everything. He's the shepherd for one of the best collections of sports writing out there on the web right now. Chris Mottram is responsible for the gorgeous layout. And, of course, everyone who took the time out to talk to me about Dick Trickle, an amazing man who hopefully gets his due. Thank you, all.

When my story went live last summer, I didn't know what to expect. I certainly didn't expect this. I'm beyond honored. I hope you'll pick up the book this fall.