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SB Nation MLB and NFL blogs now available on the Amazon Appstore

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For the past couple of months, we have been working closely with Amazon to get apps for all of our SB Nation MLB and NFL blogs built and into the Amazon Appstore. You can now download an HTML5 app for your favorite SB Nation MLB blog for your Amazon device.

As Amazon builds out their growing line of eReaders, mobile phones, and tablets, they are also building an impressive Appstore to go along with it. As part of the effort to grow that Appstore, Amazon invited us to be a part of the Appstore and promote our team blog apps within the store. We agreed of course and you can now download apps for any of our 34 MLB blogs or our 32 NFL blogs.

You can browse and download the apps here.

These are HTML5 apps and will work on any Amazon device. They are absolutely free for you to download and use. Stay tuned for apps for the rest of our network!