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SB Nation Featured Blogs: July 2014

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July was a banner month for our network and here are four blogs that rose a little higher than the rest.

We're quite pumped about our awesome featured blogs for July 2014.
We're quite pumped about our awesome featured blogs for July 2014.
Mark Kolbe

This is the place where we celebrate our incredibly awesome sites and the four sites that stood above the rest in July 2014. Please bow down and appreciate what you just saw. Here are your featured blogs for July 2014.

We love the work Dave Choate has been doing at The Falcoholic. Over the years Dave has established a terrific team of contributors, who are now able to cover training camp and the games. Managing the daily on-site camp coverage in addition to their usual in-depth analysis is not an easy task but Dave and his crew do it well during one of the busiest times on the NFL schedule. Watching the entire development of the site has been fun.

The New York Islanders might not be that bad next season! Hooray! That's great news for Lighthouse Hockey, who have been plugging along for years covering an awful hockey team. They've covered a playoff team exactly once in their history, which dates back to 2008, but they've gotten through it with some of the most entertaining writing we have on an SB Nation blog. From witty, sharp prose that Dominik has made routine to amazing satire pieces from Dan Saraceni to just plain ole' smart analysis of the team, LHH is the go-to source for Isles coverage on the web ... and they'll be ready this coming season for a year they hope ends better than most.

Running a college football blog during the dregs of the offseason can be difficult. Running a college football blog in the offseason when you cover lower profile programs can be a herculean task, but Bryan Vance and the writers at Hustle Belt have provided outstanding coverage of the MAC in July. Hustle Belt established itself as a go-to resource for recruiting news, even when it wasn't always easy to get that information, and found time to have some fun, like this post that breaks down the schedule of made-up Directional Michigan University. Hustle Belt provides more comprehensive and detailed coverage of #MACtion, and it will only be more indispensable now that football season is nearly here.

FC Barcelona is probably the world's most popular team. SB Nation has long hoped to have a blog that could match that popularity. With Barca Blaugranes we're getting there. No blog benefitted more from the popularity surrounding the world cup and BB did a wonderful job of covering all angles of the club, from transfer rumors (especially Luis Suarez) to fan issues to the legal proceedings surrounding Lionel Messi. They've become an extremely well-rounded blog, which is only fitting.

That's it for July. Come back in early September to see which blogs were a cut above in August. Or just read all 300 plus sites. Whatever works.