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The Best of SB Nation Blogs: August 2014 Edition

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August was a banner month for the network but these four blogs stood out above the crowd.

These blogs RULE.
These blogs RULE.
Clive Mason

I hate to be THAT guy and say, "Holy mackerel we're already in September," but yeah I'm that guy. Today is September 1 and we're only a few "bers" away from 2015. What happened? Any way, soccer is back. College football is back. And this week, pro football comes back. Before we know it, hockey training camps will open as will pro basketball and baseball will enter the postseason. 2014 was FAST y'all.

Yet here we are and these four featured blogs were pretty damn spectacular in August so you're going to admire them for the next 30 days and say, "Great job." Cause that's what we do here. We celebrate greatness.

The Kansas City Royals are having a storybook season of hope, then despair, fear, frustration, then miraculous hope again. With them every step of the way has been the excellent Royals Review. Through it all RR has been there for Royals fans reminding them how far they've come since the club's lowest point, that it's ok to be wrong as long as you admit it, that it's always darkest before dawn, and most important of all: eat your veggies and have fun along the way. (editor's note: This was in NO WAY influenced by the fact that our baseball league manager is a HUGE Royals fan - well, maybe just a little bit).

Ever since SB Nation brought over a bunch of the blogs from The Offside, our Liverpool blog has been one of the standouts. This month was particularly special, as they outdid themselves with coverage a crazy transfer market and all the preseason run up. The cherry on top was their coverage of the Mario Balotelli transfer saga, which seemed to come out of nowhere. NoelC, -Ed' and their team really covered every angle of the move and did a great service to Liverpool fans everywere.

Good Bull Hunting is the premier destination for Texas A&M coverageanalysishumor, and community. Whether you're looking for a laugh or want to revel in the Aggies' biggest wins, this go-to destination site deserves a follow on Twitter and a permanent place on your bookmark bar. With the internet's deepest bench of pseudonymed A&M proselytizers, cuppycup and crew are routinely spot on with their observations and guaranteed to have you doubled over laughing the rest of the time. Whether you're a proud Aggie transplanted elsewhere in the country or just looking to kill some time until Midnight Yell, Good Bull Hunting should be your first, second, and third stop when you fire up your web browser or smart phone.

Brian Galliford and Matt Rich Warren have done a great job at Buffalo Rumblings for a long time (yeah, you're getting old guys). I like that they try new things to improve the experience for their readers, such as this group which acts as their ongoing daily link dump. They also do a great job on Facebook where MRW has taken the lead with the most active Facebook page among the NFL blogs. Thanks for being a great example of how to manage a community, Buffalo Rumblings!

And that's it. The next time we see each other, the NFL season will be about a quarter of the way through, college football will probably have a pretty clear number one, hockey will be just about dropping the puck to start the season, the NBA training camps will be open and baseball will be on its way to crowning a new champion. Exciting times. Hang on and enjoy the rest of 2014. It's gonna be a great one.