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SB Nation Featured Blogs December 2014

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Happy New Year!! And one last tribute to the best blogs from the last month of 2014.

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It's 2015 but we haven't completed turned the page on 2014 just yet. For one last time we're going to look back to 2014 and celebrate the finest blogs of December.

Without further ado, here are your featured blogs from December 2014:

It's awards time in combat sports as the Fighter's Only World MMA Awards 2015 nominations have been announced and we've got some intra-SBN competition going on so we're going to honor these two blogs in this space for their general excellence over 2014.

First up MMA Fighting and Bloody Elbow were both nominated for Best News Source meanwhile not one, not two but three of MMA Fighting's personalities were nominated for Journalist of the Year, Ariel Helwani, Dave Meltzer and Luke Thomas.

Ariel has won 4 straight but it's Dave and Luke's first nomination. Likewise it's BE's first nomination and MMAF is the incumbent champ. Vote here.

Once a Metro is one of the oldest soccer blogs on the network, but they've really started find their voice under the guidance of Jason Iapicco, who outlined his new vision wonderfully in this post. One example of this expanded coverage came in this detailed look at the New York Red Bulls' academy by Lester Townsend. It gives an in-depth perspective on the team's history and how it compares to the rest of the league, a real service to their readers.

Coaching searches are always huge news, and nobody covered theirs more comprehensively than Nebraska's Corn Nation. From detailing every angle of the school's controversial decision to let Bo Pelini go, to nailing all the rumors around their search, to their new coordinators, CN gave their readers everything they could want to know about the direction of their program, and the implications of this change. All of this, while covering a big bowl game and a basketball team, led to a truly outstanding December. Great work, all around.