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SB Nation featured blogs: November 2015

Every month we feature four of our 300+ blogs that have best exemplified what it is we stand for -- smart, funny, engaging, emotional reactions to the teams we love and the fans who love them. Here are the four we've picked that stood above the rest in November 2015.

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Here are our four featured blogs for November 2015:

Rock M Nation | Mizzou Tigers

Nobody in college football had a more turbulent month than Missouri, from their football team’s struggles, to campus racial unrest, to demonstrations threatening a football game, to the resignation of Gary Pinkel due to health concerns.

Even one of those would be a difficult month, but all at once is simply unheard of. Missouri fans could get all of the news they need, with fair analysis, deep perspective, and restraint, thanks to Rock M Nation. The whole team covered every angle, and handled multiple tough topics while still keeping a strong community together, which isn’t an easy task.

When the going gets weird, Rock M Nation provided a case study in excellent writing.

Fear the Fin | San Jose Sharks

As the San Jose Sharks embark on their 25th year of hockey in the Bay Area, Fear The Fin embarks on their ninth season of covering the club.

It's shaping up to be the best one yet.Not only is the team pretty good on the ice, currently sitting second in the Pacific Division, but the coverage at FTF is great too. Some of their greatest hits in November include: what they FTF staff is thankful for, this bit on Jeremy Roenick's ongoing feud with Patrick Marleau, and this roundtable talk on what it'd take to trade Marleau.

FTF has also added complete coverage of the AHL's San Jose Barracuda. It's not easy to find coverage of minor league teams in major league cities, and it's only harder for the Barracuda, who are in their inaugural season and play in the same building as their parent club. It's easy to see how they might go unnoticed, but FTF has made sure that's not the case with unmatched coverage of the team's first year.

Pride of Detroit | Detroit Lions

We recently had new leadership at Pride of Detroit in Jeremy Reisman. He has been doing a great job and seems to be good luck for the Lions, who have now won three straight games. POD has long been one of SB Nation's best blogs and in his short time Jeremy has shown he is capable of handling the torch.

I love that POD remembers where they come from and has a strong sense of how important their community is. They're a full service blog with tons of content on Twitter, Facebook and even video. Something for all Lions fans!

Bright side of the Sun | Phoenix Suns

SB Nation started in 2003 as a collection of team sites run by sports fans and read by sports fans. Community has always been a huge part of that equation and we've seen many example of that over the years. This month, our Phoenix Suns site, Bright Side of the Sun, tapped into that energized community to help some kids go to a ball game.

In this first-of-a-kind partnership with an NBA team, the Bright Side staff collected enough donations to purchase over 700 tickets (at $16 each) for local underprivileged youth. Watch this amazing video about the event:


Please give a big round of applause to these amazing sites. Congratulations to Bill Connelly and Jack Peglow of Rock M Nation, Jake Sundstrom and Jonathan Wold of Fear The Fin, Dave King of Bright Side of the Sun, and Jeremy Reisman of Pride of Detroit -- and to their unbelievably devoted, inventive, and hilarious staffs and communities that make this all possible. Wonderful work.