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SB Nation Featured Blogs February 2015

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These four blogs were the cream of the crop of SB Nation team sites in February 2015.

A tip of the cap to our featured blogs from the month of February 2015.
A tip of the cap to our featured blogs from the month of February 2015.
Arizona Republic-USA TODAY Sports-USA TODAY Sports

February is a great sports month, mostly due to the NBA trade deadline, the NFL combine and pitchers and catchers reporting to spring training. Yes, can you believe baseball is almost here again already? So it would only be expected that two basketball blogs, a baseball blog and a football blog would be the featured blogs for the month of February.

The NBA trade deadline turned out to be one of the craziest and most active we've ever seen. It was GMs raised on fantasy sports finally getting to unleash their inner wheeler dealer. Two of the most active teams at the deadline were the Milwaukee Bucks and Detroit Pistons. Our team sites, Brew Hoop and Detroit Bad Boys, did an amazing job covering all the moves. This story stream on Brew Hoop typifies that great coverage from the initial out-of-the-blue news involving one of their best players to all the great follow on analysis. In addition to their main trade story stream, Detroit Bad Boys led the way on Facebook where their large following of fans were constantly updated in real time with news and analysis. Great job by the managers and writing staffs on both sites!

Tex over at Acme Packing Company, our Packers blog, was one of a few of SB Nation's NFL bloggers to attend the Combine in person. It was Tex's first Combine and he did an excellent job providing news for his community. I can't pick out just one piece that I liked the most because there was so much original coverage and reporting so check out their Combine StoryStream for some of their work. Nice job, APC!

As expectations increase for the Miami Marlins and their fans, Fish Stripes has stepped up to deliver some truly fantastic coverage of the club. They do a wonderful job of covering breaking news from end-to-end, like the recent announcement that the Marlins would host the 2017 MLB All-Star Game while also really digging deep into roster analysis. And while they're not afraid to hit the team for its perceived lack of analytical ability they're also gaining access to the players and having fun with lighter-hearted hits. Fish Stripes is an awesome blog and Marlins fans are lucky to have it.

There you have it. Here's to a great March with March Madness, the NHL trading deadline and spring training games. BOOM