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Regarding Our Editorial Standards

We offer incredible freedom to our team blogs and sometimes that means that they will cross a line of good taste.

Last night a story was published on one of our team blogs that crossed the line between fanaticism and good taste.

We take pride in the fact that our team blogs are allowed to express themselves and their rabid following of their teams unencumbered by the traditional editorial process. It's what we're great at and what makes us unique. But when someone does cross that line of good taste, we need to make sure that our readership realizes that we don't embrace the culture of pure wild, wild west.

We took the post down and we have mutually agreed to part ways with the blogger in question. We thank him for his years of service to his community and look forward to opening a new chapter at that blog. We in no way endorse the post. We realize that this could happen again in the future and we will always act when that line is crossed.

- Tyler Bleszinski, Founder, SB Nation/Vox Media