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SB Nation Featured Blogs: April 2015

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Bad Left Hook, Inside NU, Managing Madrid and Raw Charge are your chosen blogs for April.

Celebrate the great blogs, come on!
Celebrate the great blogs, come on!
Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

April was a pretty spectacular month for our blogs and it was a tough job picking the best blogs that should be highlighted here. Thankfully our league managers stepped up to nominate the following four.

Here are your featured blogs for the month.

Biggest fight of the century and our Bad Left Hook crew was all over it. Site manager Scott Christ got the call up to drive's Mayweather-Pacquiao coverage and his team stepped up to fill the gaps brilliantly.

The center-piece was Scott's long form on

But you really have to look at his blogger profile to see the depth-breadth and quality of his coverage. Live coverage, post-fight analysis, in-depth previews and fight picking plus shrewd analysis of the business side. Scott showed what our team bloggers can do when they get called up to the big leagues.

And the BLH crew stepped up to fill the gaps with understudy Connor Ruebusch getting himself quoted in the New York Times and creating a series of preview videos that pushed BLH to the top of the network in video views for April, second only to our national site

Northwestern Fans have known for a while that Inside NU is one of best places to get independent Wildcat information. From their coverage on facility improvements, to their deep-diving analysis of Northwestern Basketball's potentially program altering recruiting, Inside NU gives Northwestern fans everything they want and more in a sports blog. But what really set them apart was their outstanding video documentary on Kyle Prater, a former 5 star WR fighting to shake off the naysayers and some terrible luck to reach his professional dreams. It's a shining example of anything a sports blog can be, and should be required watching for anybody who loves football.

We've known for a long time that it was just a matter of time before Managing Madrid became the go-to source for English language fans of Real Madrid. That days seems to have come. The blog, which is managed by madrineo Lucas Navarette, absolutely dominated their coverage of Madrid's run into the Champions League semifinals and have continued to pump out high-quality content that is an absolute must read for any Real Madrid fan. They speak from the heart, such as when they defend Cristiano Ronaldo, and have established a vibrant community.

It's looking like a deep Stanley Cup Playoffs run is in order for Jon Cooper, Steven Stamkos & Co. with the Tampa Bay Lightning, and it's looking like a successful blog season for John Fontana, Kyle Alexander & Co. at Raw Charge. The crew have amped up their coverage for the playoffs, with great looks at Tampa Bay's shooting luck throughout Round 1, or the playoff struggles of the fourth line, or a compelling case for why jumping on the Lightning bandwagon is a wise decision this year.

Congratulations to all, and here's to an incredible May!