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SB Nation Featured Blogs: August 2015

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The dog days of Summer were officially here in August, but our featured blogs have been on fire in the insane heat.

Pile on to celebrate the greatest blogs of August 2015!
Pile on to celebrate the greatest blogs of August 2015!
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August isn't always one of the most prolific months for sports but soccer kicks into high gear with seasons starting all over the globe (continuing with MLS here in the U.S.), football preseason is heating up and the regulars are seeing playing time  and baseball has established who the big contenders are going to be for October.

With that in mind, it's not a surprise that the four featured blogs are from soccer (two), football and baseball. Take a moment to celebrate the greatness below.

Our Juventus blog, Black and White and Read All Over, has long been one of our solid performers but has been riding a wave of momentum ever since their trip to the Champions League final. Danny Penza and his team have really shined as the transfer window has drawn to a close. A perfect example of the kind of work they've been doing was on this bit about Juventus missing out on Julian Draxler. Reasoned, well informed and just a good read that explains everything the reader needs to know.

Our Roma blog, Chiesa di Totti, is in the midst of a strong run of solid stories one after another. Brencdt has been at this a long time and only seems to be getting better, adding new elements and trying new ways of telling stories. His break down of what went wrong on Verona's goal in their recent tie with Roma illustrates some of the good work they've been doing. This is accessible and insightful all at the same time, the exact kind of content we pride ourselves on at SB Nation.

We saw a changing of the guard at Pride of Detroit this month with Sean Yuille, who had been the POD editor for nearly 10 years, moving on and Jeremy Reisman stepping in. It speaks to the type of leader Sean was when Jeremy was ready to step right in and make a seamless transition. Jeremy has the tough task of starting in what is one of the busiest times of the year in the NFL -- roster cuts and the start of the season. There's no doubt he will continue to serve fans with terrific coverage of the potentially playoff-bound Lions. I also want to add a personal note that it was an honor to have Sean involved in this network for so many years. He was always first class, did his job like a pro and earned all the recognition he ever got. Good luck to him and welcome to Jeremy!

It's not every day that your favorite player who's been with your team for most of thirteen seasons gets traded for a couple minor leaguers and some cash, but when Chase Utley was traded from the Phillies to the Dodgers in August, The Good Phight was there to grieve with their readers, to remember the good times, and to remember the even better times. Liz Roscher and her gang at TGP are always good -- even when the Phillies are losing --  but just as Utley brought out the best of the Phillies, he brought out what makes our sites so special: appreciation.

That's it for the month. Congratulations to all four blogs on their hard work! Next time you see these featured blogs, baseball playoffs will be starting, hockey and basketball training camp will be open, football (both college and pro) will be in full swing and life will be good.

Until next month...