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SB Nation featured blogs for March 2016

Every month we feature four of our 300+ blogs that have best exemplified what it is we stand for -- smart, funny, engaging, emotional reactions to the teams we love and the fans who love them. Here are the four we've picked that stood above the rest in March 2016.

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What better way to celebrate March Madness than by celebrating four of our very best college blogs? Here you go:

Arizona Desert Swarm | Arizona

With head coach Sean Miller now making a habit of deep NCAA Tournament runs, Arizona Desert Swarm and manager Jason Bartel have been providing the type of in-depth writing that makes being a Wildcats fan even more exciting.

From wall-to-wall coverage of the recent Senior Day to strong feature writing, ADS is a fan-centric Wildcats basketball appreciation machine with high-quality writing that would be at home in the Arizona Daily Star.

VU Hoops | Villanova

After another run through the Big East, and with a high NCAA seed coming, it's a great time to be a Villanova fan. And those fans are served with an excellent site, VUHoops, which exhaustively covers the entire VU athletic department.

Whether it's a lighthearted look at coach Jay Wright's suits, exhaustive looks at the minutiae of basketball recruiting or some of the best daily links posts across SB Nation's college blogs, if you love the Wildcats, you'll love VUHoops, especially now.

Wide Right & Natty Light | Iowa State

There are lots of ways to cover a successful college basketball team, but perhaps nobody does it with more humor, passion and emotion than Wide Right Natty Lite and Iowa State.

The site has one of the most lively Fanpost sections of any college blog, and whether you want an emotional look at what Georges Niang has meant for the program, a guide to how to have fun in KC for the Big 12 Tournament, or the case for them to finally shake off some bad luck and make that deep NCAA run, WRNL has you covered. And you'll probably laugh as you read along.

Banners on the Parkway | Xavier

Covering a virtual one sport school is a tall task for any inspiring team blogger, but getting to cover a basketball program as awesome as Xavier's certainly helps.

Joel, Brad, Bryan and the Banners on the Parkway team have come into their own in the last 7 months and for their troubles, they get to cover a run that could include the Muskateers' highest NCAA Tournament seed ever. Whether you're looking for a deeper dive on a recent game's box score or you're looking for the straight dope on how to cover Xavier's postseason run, BOTP have you more than covered.

★ ★ ★

Huge congratulations to these college sites which make us all proud. Please give a big round of applause to the site managers, their wonderful contributors, and the hilarious communities which make all of them the awesome destinations that they are. Happy March Madness y'all!

Thank you to the College League Managers Matt Brown, Luke Zimmerman, and Wescott Eberts for their recommendations and words above.